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About US

Personal Concierge Services

Make Your Day Enterprises is the go-to company to make life easier. We serve as a trusted ally, a loyal partner, and a convenient service company that fills a need. We offer clients the confidence they need for us to handle running errands for any request with efficiency and reliability. Our mission is to make sure you get the best customer service to allow for a long-term relationship.

" WE SELL TIME", Not Services!

Clients purchase bulks of "Time" on a monthly basis. Once they select a package, they are assigned an assistant to complete any request or errand. 


Make Your Day Experience

Extensive experience in customer service allows our personal concierge team to guide you. Our clients success stories reflect our ability to, time after time, help clients in running errands with a higher level of life satisfaction.  


Personal Assistants

With our personal concierge staff continued education and on-going training, we have the resources and methods we need to complete any request efficiently and effectively. We love running errands that you have not had time to complete.



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Enhance your TIME. Enrich your life.

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Make Your Day Enterprises

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We Sell Time, Not a Specific Service


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